1) Are all the items from The Shiok Shop authentic?
A: Yes, all the items purchased from The Shiok Shop are 100% authentic and genuine, and in most instances sent directly to you from the brand itself.

2) Are purchases from The Shiok Shop covered by warranty?
A: All purchases from The Shiok Shop will be covered by manufacturer warranty from the brand itself, unless not applicable (e.g package deals).

3) Is there a refund policy?
A: All purchases from The Shiok Shop is strictly non-refundable.

4) What happens if I receive a spoilt product?
A: Should you receive a defective product upon delivery, you can contact the respective brands directly for an exchange provided the product is unused and still in its original packaging. Should the product be defective during the warranty period, you can still reach out to the specific brand for assistance.

5) What’s the difference between buying from the brand directly and buying from The Shiok Shop?
A: It’s essentially the same, in the sense that you will be getting the same product and the same aftercare service. However, prices are slightly discounted on The Shiok Shop, and purchasing from The Shiok Shop allows me to create more content over on Wah So Shiok, which in turn results in more items being listed on the webshop.

6) How long is shipping?
A: Orders made on The Shiok Shop will be processed and relayed to the respective brands within one business day. As the brands are ultimately in charge of fulfillment and delivery, shipping times may differ between products and brands.

7) How much is shipping?
A: Local shipping is free.

8) Do you ship internationally?
A: Due to the current COVID situation, please email qile@wahsoshiok.com to see if international delivery is possible for the product that you wish to order.

9) How do I redeem a package voucher at a tailor?
A: Once you purchase the voucher, an invoice (with the name of the package you bought) will be sent to your email account. Simply make an appointment with the tailor beforehand and state the package that you have bought, and flash the invoice in-store if necessary.

10) What if the tailor doesn’t honour the package voucher?
A: Should any conflict with the merchants arise, please immediate email me at qile@wahsoshiok.com.

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